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Pastele blajinilor

Posted: 28 aprilie 2014 in Fotografie eveniment


Peste o săptămână după duminica Paştelor, în prima zi de luni o parte din creştinii ortodocşi obişnuiesc să sărbătorească Paştele Blajinilor. Această sărbătoare mai este numită şi Prohoadele, Paştele Morţilor sau Lunea Morţilor.

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Friday, October 21, 2011 „Stefan cel Mare” Police Academy, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The competition for the designation of the best police officer of the year ended with the last test: shooting target with handguns. The competition was attended by police officers across the country and only 12 of the 152 participants obtained the title of the best police officer of the year.  For the first time journalists from Republic of Moldova were invited by „Stefan cel Mare” Police Academy Chisinau and the Ministry of Interior to take part to a gun shooting competition. Journalist who had the best results received diplomas. Before shooting, journalists were trained for safe handling and use of pistols by the police academy instructors.

Solemnly celebrated since 1989, the Moldovan national holiday „National Language”, a public holiday in ex-soviet Moldova, has become one of the most important celebrations dating back to the Movement for the Independence, for which all of Moldovan citizens have raised patriotic feelings and pride. On the occasion of this celebration, the Department of Abroad Romanians sent a congratulatory message to all Romanians who celebrate today their mother language.

Thousands of Moldovans, as well as local politicians and officials came on 27 August morning to central Chisinau to lay flowers at the Chisinau-based monument to Moldovan medieval ruler Stefan cel Mare and to attend a military parade dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Moldova’s Independence.

Panoramic view of Chisinau